July 1

10AM - 8PM

July 2

10AM - 8PM

July 3

10AM - 6PM

Award Winners

2016 Artist Award Winners

The following 12 artists are automatically invited to return for the 2017 Cherry
Creek Arts Festival.

Best of Show:
Scott Hildebrandt, Emerging Artist Program

2nd Place:
Gabriela Horvat, Jewelry

3rd Place:
William Kidd, Ceramics

Merit Awards:
Nile & Michelle Fahmy, Metalworks
Carolina Cleere, Mixed Media
Nicolette Absil, Jewelry
Nick Leonoff, Glass
Robert Hessler, Ceramics

Juror’s Awards:
Monique Rancourt, Jewelry
Aaron Hequembourg, Mixed Media
Matthew Hemminghaus, Photography

2016 Commemorative Poster Artist:
Lynn Whipple, Mixed Media