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Student Art Buying Program

Your students may be part of the next generation of ARTrepreneurs! Encourage and engage them through the Janus Student Art Buying Program at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Application Deadline – Wednesday, March 1st
School Notification – Wednesday, March 15th
Student Representatives Permission Slips Due – Friday, May 5th
Onsite Art Buying Experience! – Saturday, July 1st

What is the Janus Student Art Buying Program:
Students explore the world of art in a classroom module that culminates in a hands on art buying experience at the world renowned Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Through the program, students learn and practice valuable skills such as teamwork, negotiation, art appreciation, art-buying, public speaking, and more.

This unique opportunity features:

  • Each participating school will receive an in-class Study Guide and lesson plan with curriculum and exercises to help students understand and appreciate art as more than a personal preference, but also as a reflection of culture and as a business.  Teachers and students are encouraged to include the entire student body in exploring what kind of art would be appropriate and appreciated in their building.
  • Schools are then invited to select three students to represent their student body at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival on Saturday, July 1, 2017.
  • These young ARTrepreneurs will be given a budget, donated by Janus, to select and purchase art for permanent installation in their school.
  • Students present what they have purchased to a panel of art experts and the general public at the Janus Student Art Buying Showcase.

Who Can Apply:

  • Whether you are new to the program or have applied or participated in the past – we encourage any Colorado school to submit an application.
  • Anyone can complete and submit the application on behalf of a school: teachers, school administrators, parents, volunteers or other interested adults.
  • While it is geared toward students from 5th to 9th grade, students outside of these grade levels will also be considered.

Application Deadline:

Don’t miss out!  In order to provide the best possible experience for each school, participation is limited.  The deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

How are Schools Chosen:
Twenty four schools will be selected to participate based upon their application answers describing why arts education is important to their school and what the art buying experience will mean to their students. We encourage students to be actively involved in the application process. Schools that are not selected will still receive an art related gift from Janus.  The study guide and lesson plan is also available to any applicant upon request.

The Art-Buying Experience:
The art-buying experience will take place at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival on Saturday, July 1, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. While on site, each student group will be accompanied by a Janus employee and a school representative to help them navigate the Festival, meet the artists, select their art and operate within a pre-set budget provided by Janus to purchase their piece(s). 

In lieu of formal on-stage presentations after the Art Buying experience, students will join all 24 schools at the Janus Student Art Buying Showcase from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Here, students will display the pieces they have purchased in a gallery-type setting. Each school will have a table with easels or other necessary display tools, and festival-goers will be free to roam the gallery and talk to students about what they learned and purchased. In addition, an art review panel assembled from professionals within the Festival community will visit each school – asking students to present their pieces and answer questions.

How To Apply:
To apply for the Janus Student Art Buying Program and the opportunity to receive a FREE permanent work of art for your school, please complete the online application. You will be asked three questions about why arts education is important to your school.

Bonus Opportunity – Mobile Art Gallery:
Several schools will also have the unique opportunity to purchase art for the Mobile Art Gallery: a unique exhibit that travels to schools, libraries, community centers and other public venues throughout Colorado. If you are interested in this exceptional experience for your students, tell us why it should be you! Please provide a brief explanation in the space provided on the application.


To learn more about the Janus Student Art Buying Program and to watch a video that highlights the program, CLICK HERE.

Questions? Or interested in having the Mobile Art Gallery come to your school? Contact Shaina Belton at ShainaBelton@CherryArts.org or 303.355.2787 to learn more.