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July 1

10AM - 8PM

July 2

10AM - 8PM

July 3

10AM - 6PM

Creation Station

2022 Info Coming Soon

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Experience Creation Station with the whole family, with interactive activities, music, food and more.

Imagination Mural
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Visit Creation Station to add your artistic touch to the large imagination collaboration mural all weekend.

Ojo de Dios, Presented by Museo de las Americas

Participants will be invited to use yarn and craft sticks to create Ojo de Dios, a traditional votive made and seen in many Mexican and Mexican American communities. Museo de las Americas is the premier Latin American art museum located in the Rocky Mountain West. They are dedicated to educating our community through collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the diverse arts and cultures of Latin America, from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programs.

Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers, Presented by Denver Preschool Program

Participants will create colorful flowers that will always be in bloom with a watercolor coffee filter flower with the Denver Preschool Program (DPP). In addition to serving as a liaison between parents and preschools, DPP works to improve preschool quality, studies how preschool affects kindergarten readiness, and is a national advocate for excellence in early childhood education.

Create-Your-Own-Opera-Aria, Presented by Central City Opera

Participants will choose 3 to 5 cards with emotions and musical terms and put them together in an order of their choosing. The cards can be layered (for example, a sad fast song) or consecutive. Then, the participant will create a topic from a predetermined list, choosing a noun, a verb, and a place. The Central City Opera singer will then improvise and sing an opera aria using the chosen cards. The participant can choose to improvise the music and/or have the CCO singer sing.

Create Your Own Charity Box, Presented by Chabad Cherry Creek

Participants will create their own charity box and think about how their money can affect change in their community. Chabad Cherry Creek is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of all Jewish people in the Denver area through synagogue services, educational programs and community outreach.

Create Unfurling Dragons, Presented by Children’s Art School

Attendees can create unfurling dragons that cast light and surround you in colors! The Children’s Art School is celebrating fourteen years of creating art with talented young artists! Their Joy of Art classes, family series and outreach programs give students the tools to express ideas, nuture creative thinking and promote aesthetic literacy.

Art Activities

Visit Creation Station and set your imagination free. Create your own trapeze artist, jester hat, lion mask, chalk art or explore the open art studio table.

Want to create artwork at home instead? Grab a Creation Station Art Kit to go and get creative at home.  The Art Kits include several art project ideas and materials to foster creativity at home. Each project contains a printed and online “At Home With Art” tutorial option to keep kids engaged. Explore all of CherryArts At Home art tutorials here.